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Why choose the Doon ?

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What other parts are needed ?

Do I have to spray the kit ?

How can I pay ?

How many colours are available ?

Do you supply cages and hoods ?

How much shorter is the Short Wheel Base ?

Are Doon’s available in left hand drive ?

Do you deliver ?

Can I build one myself ?

How much do they cost to insure ?

Frequently Asked Questions


"There are a number of kits available in the UK. Why the choose the Doon?"

The all new Doon is not a simple copy or minor modification of an older design but has been designed from first principles to produce a buggy for this millennium. Having been involved with the construction and restoration of numerous beach buggies for over 20 years, it has been easy for us to analyse the good and bad points of previous buggy designs.

These experiences have led us to take the classic buggy design back to first principles and re-design a brand new buggy kit for the modern day. Or as we like to think of it, the humble beach buggy has now evolved. The features we have employed in the all new Doon design can be seen on the Features pages.

At Doon we are confident of the design and finished quality of our own kits and therefore we actively encourage potential customers to contact the other buggy manufacturers in the UK to compare their kits with ours before making their final decision.