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History of Doon

After owning beach buggies for many years, midlanders Simon ‘Chad’ Chadwick and Richard Crees knew of all the good and bad points of buggy ownership. In September 1999 they decided to develop a new kit to answer some of those annoying issues such as; lack of under bonnet access, exposed batteries, water ingress, lack of seat choice, sticky out wheels and unfinished edges.

Hence the Doon Buggy was conceived, named simply after the Black Country pronunciation of the word ‘dune’. Early on the guys decided not to copy or alter an older buggy design, but to produce a brand new kit for the new millennium.

The original short wheel base kit was based on a chassis cut of 390mm, similar to other popular classic buggy kits. This would allow owners of those kits to re-body with a new Doon without further modification.

In August 2001 Rich’s very own dark green kit, ref S001-01, was born. A month later Chad’s own S002-01 turquoise kit appeared. Each Doon is ID tagged for authenticity with S=Short, L=Long, the next kit number in sequence and the year of manufacture.

In 2003 the Long Wheel Base Doon came into being. The LWB used an unmodified VW beetle chassis making the kit fully IVA exempt and super easy to build. The LWB has since gone on to outsell the SWB 2 to 1.

The LWB wasn’t a simple lengthening job, but required a whole new re-profiling of the sides and wings to make it appear the ‘same’ as the SWB, with no kinks in the sides.

Initially the two guys marketed the Doon kit alone but in 2011 struck an exclusive deal with Volksmagic to produce the kits whilst providing far greater back up, custom build service and part supply service.

To this day Chad and Rich still own and regularly use S001 and S002, happy in the knowledge they did what they set out to do.